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The costliest spice on earth is always in hot demand. In very few countries Kesar is being cultivated. In India saffron is cultivated once in a year and consumed throughout the year. The three mogar is being plucked from saffron flower which later becomes Kesar. It takes 1 lakh flowers to produce 1kg of saffron and output is typically just half a kg per hectare Kashmiri saffron is considered the best in the world of colour, aroma & taste. Pure kesar is always bitter in taste.


Saffron is widely used in ayurvedic, homeopathy treatments and natural home remedies. It is used as sedative, expectorant, aphrodisiac and diaphoretic. It cure health conditions like sore gums, Heart and lungs problem Diabetes, Asthma, Depression etc. It is used in skin lightening and anti aging creams and other beauty products.

Saffron is loaded with natural compounds that have potential health benefits and therefore is widely used as an ingredient in both western and eastern medicine to treat several disease and disorders.

Why Saffron?

It is beneficial for the skin glow and naturally enriches your complexion

Much used for indigestion, helps in improving the digestion system

Health beneficial as works wonders for mouth gum and gum related issues

It is considered to improve the eye sight

Enhances the food color and increase the essence of taste in dishes

How to choose Real Saffron?

Saffron is usually a costly product; therefore there are various fake products available in market which uses the saffron color on artificial products. Thus to differentiate between the original and misleading fake product, the process used is - use a glass of warm water or milk and try to dissolve saffron into it. If the color of water or milk changes instantly this means it is colored product and not the original saffron as the one which is fresh and original will take at least 10 -15 minutes to showcase the color red and also have a magnificent smell.

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