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Chai is one of the oldest drink in history. Everything, from neighborly gossip to intense political discussion, from a wedding match to a serious topic of life chai is more than a cup of tea to start the day. Its a culture in India. Jhandewalas foods ltd brings the special blend of Chai Masala to make it more tasty, interesting and health benefits. Divine Chai Masala with Tulsi, Digestive with fennel, mint and licorice, Immunity with Ashwagandha and Classic with selected spices. All natural herbs and spices makes your tea a special warm and welcoming drink.

Naman Divine Chai Masala

50 gm Pack

Naman Classic Chai Masala

50 gm Pack

Naman Immunity Chai Masala

50 gm Pack

Naman Digestive Chai Masala

50 gm Pack

Naman Tea Combo : All 4 Flavours

60 gm Pack

  1. It is made from natural herbs and spices.
  2. All the spices are grinded at factory itself.
  3. Manufactured under hygienic conditions.
  4. Shelf life: 6 months

Recipe : While making your desired tea, just add 1.5g naman chai masala for 2 cups. Sit back and enjoy your tea

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