saffron is cultivated once in a year and consumed throughout the year. The three mogar is being plucked from saffron flower which later becomes Kesar. It takes 1 lakh flowers to produce 1kg of saffron and output is typically just half a kg per hectare Kashmiri saffron is considered the best in the world of colour, aroma & taste. Pure kesar is always bitter in taste.

  • Naman Kesar is having good aroma, natural colour, and good taste.
  • Naman Kesar is pure Kashmiri Kesar.
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months

About Kesar/Saffron

  • In very few countries kesar is being cultivated.
  • It is cultivated in India, Iran, Spain, & Afghanistan.
  • Kashmiri kesar is considered to be best quality kesar in respect to aroma, medicinal benefits and colour quality.
  • In India Kesar is cultivated once in a year, in the month of Nov & Dec.
  • Output is of approx 1kg kesar from about 1 lakh Kesar’s flower.


The Kesar proposed by Naman is 100% pure Kesar from the saffron fields of Kashmir. Due to its purity, this Kesar works incredibly as an antioxidant, mood-booster, and glow-maker. Also, it shows cancer-fighting properties. It can get easily added to your diet through drinks or by sprinkling on the solids. It offers a great aroma, natural color and enhances the flavor of your foods/drinks.