Innovation House

Jhandewalas Foods Limited believes in continuous development in the product on the basis of consumer insight. We believe in use of latest scientific process in product innovation & manufacturing process. We are update with the changing need & preference of the consumer.

Product Innovation: Jhandewalas is a rapid growing organization due to regular product innovation. We are doing research on range of products which meet the need of consumer food habit of all age group from morning to night.

Both research & development and marketing team work very closely with the new product development. Marketing suggests to the R& D team for a particular product. They also ensure that packaging is at its best to create trail by the customer Research & development later on look that the products have superior taste which will attract & retain the consumer.

Factory Infrastructure: Factory is equipped with all the latest packaging equipment. We have fully automated plant & machineries. The products are packaged untouched by hand. We have fully automated ghee packaging machine, poha packaging machine, state of the art cold storage. Our flagship product is ghee with production capacity of 30 metric ton/day followed by poha 20 metric ton/day, Mangodi 3 metric ton/day and Daliya 3 metric ton/day. The entire product is being dispatched after batch is being checked through laboratory and sensory feels. Apart from our factory laboratory jhandewalas get the product checked from independent laboratory too. Jhandewalas follows all the state of art technology to give better sensorial experience to the customer.


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